Engage. Inspire. Motivate.
To me, speaking is no different to performing a Broadway show - it's ALL about the storytelling! My portfolio encourages thinking outside the box; big ideas, broken down into accessible bite sized pieces that can easily be implemented into the audience's daily lives.
My topics:
Strategic Transition Control + Choice + Strategy = Destiny
We are all unique, talented, and insanely capable human beings, but only some have found their life's purpose and are realizing their true potential. This talk INSPIRES us to dig deeper; to examine what we think we know about why we're on this earth, and teaches new and exciting methods to realize and transition to our true destiny.
The Power of Moral Leadership how leading with a moral compass will always yield incredible results
Based on my experiences in 'The Room Where It Happens' with the Broadway musical HAMILTON, this talk examines the extensive benefits of moral leadership and how simple techniques can create powerful results at work and at home.
Dealing with Perfectionism - accepting excellence is not the answer
A continuation of my Tedx Talk in 2019, this talk further challenges the belief that the remedy to combat perfectionism lies in the recalibration of standards. Designed to challenge the way we think about perfectionism as a whole, this talk offers valuable insight into healthy management of perfectionism and how we can help those that struggle with it.

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