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They say that every good story has an element of tragedy. I’m not sure I’d class what happened to me as ‘tragic’, but the repetitive strain injury I sustained in 2018 that forced me to leave my job as the Music Director on the Broadway musical HAMILTON was a game-changer, for sure. It was a rough ride, and the injury has since proved serious enough to warrant a shift in career focus, away from performing.


A tough call, but I'm never one to stay down for too long! During my rehabilitation, I began digging into other aspects of my life, and realized that PERFECTIONISM has played a significant role; the positive aspects of it rewarding me with a hugely successful career, but the negative parts causing me a lot of pain over the years. Delving deeper, I discovered that over 30% of the world's population are thought to struggle with perfectionism, and more alarmingly, depression caused by perfectionism has risen to epidemic levels. It's clear we're struggling to cope with our perfectionism, and the more I studied, the more passionate I became about the subject. I decided to make perfectionism my new focus, specifically about how perfectionism is portrayed and managed, and this became the core of my TEDx Talk later this year.


I've realized a calling to help people mange perfectionism in healthy ways, and my WORKSHOPS, COACHING, and SPEAKING work offers an opportunity to look at perfectionism and leadership through a different lens. I'm here to help, however I can, so feel free to reach out! 


I look forward to hearing from you! 

Let's Talk Perfectionism

"The introduction of self compassion in our pursuit of perfection is the key to realizing our true potential!"


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